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Yatta! Tokyo Game Show was held by massive numbers of well known game developers.


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The biggest attraction of this year is "PlayStation Vita" by SONY.
They just announced it right before this event.
It will uses 3G technology through AT&T phone network (in the U.S.) and allows data sharing
and crossplay with PlayStaion 3 and has a new improved handheld console.

The event was held at Makuhari Messe.
 It's the second biggest convention center in Japan.


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What struck me at first is that a line that formed at the entrance was much shorter than one from last year.
It took only 20 min. for me to get in as it took more than 1 hour in last year.
As we enter the site, we notice a lot of empty spots.


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It seems like as social games become popular,
small and mid size traditional game developers and publishers have faded away.
As contrast, I saw big corporations expanded their booth size.

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For instance, one of the biggest social game developer, GREE・DeNA had a line of "Companion Girls"
making their huge booth even more noticeable. 


And SONY had a line of crowd. Unfortunately, they prohibited any photos,
so I can't show you in detail how Playstation Vita looks like,
but I can certainly say that it has a big improvement on screen and console
such as the format multitouch screen and the rear multitouch pad, motion sensors.

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PSVITA will  be available to in the U.S. on Feb. 22, 2012. It's so exciting!


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Other companies did not come up with a new hardware,
so they just announced new games.
One of them is well known in the U.S., Skyrim.
I took some pictures for you to how it looks to walk around these booths.


20111031_34.jpg 20111031_35.jpg



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Social games have not been presented in Tokyo Game Show until this year,
but it does not mean they did not exist.
They have been developed based on each individual cellular phone technologies,
different technologies, so quality of these games were not that great.
Recently we had a big hit of smart phones in Japan, iPhone as being the biggest hit,
and it changed the whole picture of the industry and improved the quality of these social games.
However, I personally feel that many of these developers are focusing too much on how to make money from these games.
As a result, new games often lack of uniqueness and depth.
I am not sure about games in the U.S., but as we discussed in previous posts,
the Otaku culture in Japan is probably the last resort of staying away from commercial spirits,
I just can not stop hiding my disappointment with seeing 'too commercial' games.


Well, but I don't want to leave with unhappy mood here, so please enjoy pictures that I found at Tokyo Game Show!


A Rave party called "Re:animation" again had big success drawing a lot of Otaku in Shinjyuku, Tokyo.

20110818_2.jpg  20110818_3.jpg
We covered the last event, but we just couldn't miss this exciting event once more.


After the earthquake, many event organizers had tough time drawing people to Otaku events, and many of them even went bankrupt.
However, because the last "Re:animation" was huge success, and people at the event acted so peacefully and use the area so cleanly, the city of Shinkyuku fully supported the event this time.

20110818_4.jpg  20110818_5.jpg
20110818_7.jpg  20110818_6.jpg
20110818_8.jpg  20110818_9.jpg

As some of you might already know, this event was originally created by fans of Eureka Seven.
The event has grown to 1,400 participants event which is 1.5 times bigger than the last one.
Under the current situation of people in Japan, the growth is very surprising, and it gives very positive message for the industry.
Instead of admission, the event asks participants for donation, but thanks to all these supportive Otaku, the organizer was able to raise sufficient fund from their donation.
Under the hot and humid weather, Governor of Shinjyuku came and interacted with crowds., making the event so special.
it was so touching by watching all the generations having fun together through Anime culture!


20110818_11.jpg  20110818_12.jpg
20110818_13.jpg  20110818_14.jpg

Luckily, the event organizer of "Re:animation" found our last report on our website, and offered us interviews and pictures this time, so we have better pictures and video clips from the event that you can enjoy.


 And I send to you Re:animation2 Ustream Archive!!

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