Creating Cosplay Photo Collections for Comic Market 2010


I recently visited one of Japanese cosplay photography groups preparing to release a new collection of photos in The Comic Market. The upcoming event runs from December 29th - 31st 2010 in Tokyo and will draw hundreds of thousands of attendees. The photo collections are created by both cosplayers and photographers. Many of these organizations begin as unofficial social circles consisting of student clubs or small private clubs, and have no publishing company. The most talented groups go on to become famous within the Japanese cosplay community.

20101128_2.jpg    20101128_3.jpg

20101128_11.jpg  20101128_6.jpg

I visited a famous photographers' group and had the opportunity to look at their work. They were shooting pictures in a big full-fledged production studio and being very professional about it. Their seriousness made me fully realize their love for original books and their works. Above all, the cosplayers and the photographs were beautiful!

20101128_7.jpg  20101128_8.jpg

20101128_9.jpg  20101128_10.jpg

You can see my cosplay photography video here on even before the collections are available and released in Japan! I hope you enjoy this early holiday gift from us.

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