About us introduces the hottest information about music, games, anime, events, and cosplay in Japan. The site is especially focused on fan-created "doujin," otaku pop culture, and independent artists. The information is sent directly from Japanese writers, fans and creators. We offer rare and unique content which cannot be found anywhere else online. Unique Japanese "doujin" music is scheduled to be released exclusively for purchase on within this year. Moreover, we are planning to stream live broadcasting from Japan online, and connect anime conventions and otaku from both Japan and the United States. Our staff carefully monitors copyright issues with doujin content creation. Artists and creators occasionally produce a second creation which is permitted (copyright free) as a doujin release rather than the commercial release. All pages of this site are free to link to. However, we prohibit using the image, sentences, the voices, and the animations, etc. used for the site without permission. Please enjoy the unique world of otaku pop culture in Japan!

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