M3 & Halloween Parade Event Coverage

Last Sunday on October 31st, a biannual Doujin music festival "M3" was held in Tokyo. In addition, a big Halloween parade took place in nearby Kawasaki city. I visited both events and want to share my fun experiences with you!20101107_1.jpgAlthough I had never done any music Doujin activity before, this was my first time
participating in M3. The venue for the convention was a big warehouse in the Tokyo bay area, with over 500 exhibitor booths. It was extremely crowded, comparable to Times Square on New Years Eve. Because of the congestion, neither exhibitors nor visitors have been allowed to cosplay since the last spring event.

If you were there, you could see various interesting performances, including eastern ethnic music. Some participants traveled all the way from China to experience the festival. To my surprise, an elderly woman set up a collaboration movie booth with music and drawing a sword art (one of the martial arts using Japanese sword). I enjoyed M3 because of the emphasis on cultural diversity. Unfortunately, videotaping was also prohibited, but the M3 official website has pictures from the event.

20101107_2.jpgThen, what's more Halloween than October 31st? The Halloween parade in Tokyo is held on "Omotesando" that is the avenue like the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. However I visited to "Kawasaki Halloween" It was held at near the M3 exhibition site. Large groups of cosplayers get together there each year, including many of my friends.

The Halloween event was held over three days at cinema complex in the center of Kawasaki city. In addition to the parade, there were also concerts, a movie festival and dance party. The festival reached its climax with the Halloween parade. During the parade, hundred of thousands of people walked from the cinema complex to the city hall. It took two hours. Participants in the parade were required to register in advance. If you were there, you would feel such Halloween excitement on your bones! Here are some pictures and videos from the event.

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